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Mount your friends is another unusual, completely unique but simple party game. Even with its simplicity I would go as far to say that it ranks as one of the best party games of all time. “Why” you ask? Well let me explain as easily as I can within this review.

When it comes to a Saturday night of non stop no hold barred gaming, most people go straight for Cod, Battlefield, Destiny or some other testosterone fuelled first person shooter where you will find out how many 13 year old’s have slept with your mother. Maybe I’m getting old or losing my competitive edge but I am finding myself less attracted to these games. In my other reviews I tend to state that I prefer to play coop with friends over fighting them, this has led me to play more and more party games where even if you are competing with friends, you will still cheer them on without any other motive than to have fun. This leads me to the sentiment of my review.

‘Mount Your Friends’ is a multiplayer party game where you control the four main limbs of some really weird looking men in an attempt to get as high as you can on top of ‘the stack’. The game starts with a sleepy looking goat in the middle of the map. You then have to cling to the goat to begin the stack. You and your friends take turns to place your characters on top of the highest person placed from the previous round. ITS THAT SIMPLE!!! What makes this game unique over many other party games of the same style is the one thing that everyone notices first, the excessive amount of dong swinging.

Swinging stuff in mount your friends


Immediately as you begin to play you will notice the swinging dong of your character. This without a doubt is the most consistent and entertaining part of the game. As immature as this sounds, the 13 year old dork inside of you will suddenly surface and you will find yourself literally laughing out loud. Don’t feel bad about this, trust me, your friends will be doing exactly the same as you mount them and trying to avoid any awkward hand/leg placements. It is only a matter of time before someone gives in and pops a witty comment as you place your hands onto the low hanging fruit of another of another player.

Awkward hand placement in mount your friends


Again I digress. Mount Your Friends is a great game. I first played this on the Xbox 360 indie arcade when it was available for 99p. Now, on steam, it is retailing for £3.99. Back on the Xbox I spent endless hours playing it with friends and even family (controversial). When you hit those moments of not knowing what to play, this was the go to game. Over time I found my swinging limb skills improving to the point where I could throw myself up the stack of colourful characters with ease. After my transition to PC I felt a void within me. It wasn’t till recently that I discovered this beloved game had now made its appearance on steam.

Despite it being £3 more expensive on steam, it is still worth every penny. It even offers better value with the addition of more arena levels and some even change the strategy and mode of play. All in all I would give this game 3/5 stars. I would love to give it more to justify my recommendation of everyone buying it, but I feel people may expect too much with a higher score. If you ever find yourself picking this up then get in contact with either myself or any of the contributors of ‘The Virtual Hour’, we are ALWAYS up for a game!


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Author: Dale Wright

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