The Amiibo Confessions (Part 1)



The Amiibo Confessions (Part 1)

An accidental journey.

And so it begins…

13th February, 2016

Oh dear, I have to ask myself when did this happen. Back in November of 2014 Nintendo released their iteration of ‘Toys-to-life’ genre. If your not familiar with the ‘Toys-to-life’ concept, it’s pieces of plastic crap you use to interact with a particular video game. Never would I have foreseen how deeply invested I would become in such an obvious ploy to part money from my hands. If anything, I’d demonstrated nothing but an abhorrent hatred for the genre since its inception. That all changed in October of last year when a friend of mine popped my amiibo cherry.

Amiibo - Wario, Shovel Knight, Mario, LinkHe bought me the Wario No.32 amiibo of wave 4. It’s beautiful, the detail, the nostalgia I associate with it. Yes Nintendo, you’ve done it, I’m subservient to your plastic molds. You see it wasn’t long after that I’d heard a Shovel Knight amiibo was out for pre-order. One more can’t hurt right? I mean I love Shovel Knight, it’s just an exception.

My girlfriend would later find out about my shameful obsession, facilitating my addiction. She offered to buy me some on occasion, including Valentine’s Day. It’s February the 13th (we opened our Valentine’s gifts early) I currently own 8 amiibos, I admit, I may have a problem. Yesterday I pre-ordered the Ryu amiibo due out on March the 18th. Alice has gone down the rabbit hole and there is no going back. So I suppose I better document my journey then. I intend to document my amiibo journey accompanied with photographs of my latest additions, with hope you will join me and post some of your own additions.
Amiibo - Yoshi, Toon Link, Mega Man, Toad

I’m quite partial to the Mega Man amiibo personally, he’s quite the charmer…

So here I am, I currently have three amiibo’s awaiting despatch, I won’t spoil the surprise, but as soon as they arrive I will post and keep you all updated. My goal posts have already shifted back and forth in effort to justify purchases to myself and believe me I am completely self-aware. I’ve gone from simply wanting amiibo’s from my favourite games to wanting entire collections. I must remember addiction is a slippery slope, maybe I should set up an allowance, just to give myself a ceiling. I’m expecting an intervention of some kind from loved ones akin to something similar to Trainspotting and that awful baby crawling along the ceiling scene, with me streaming in sweat and panicking.

Who nendoroid-metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-venom-snake-sneaki-429729.1know’s where this could lead, perhaps Amiibo AA meetings, where we could all talk about our ‘feelings’. Discussions on how our amiibo collection is in fact a manifestation of our own insecurities. Your guess is as good as mine, but I hope to keep you entertained a long the way. Besides, things could always be worse, my compulsion could be for the far more expensive and premium Nendroids, which are very desirable for me right now, particularly Venom Snake.

When a new Amiibo arrives…

18th February, 2016

I arrived home today ashamed to say I was excited. I knew it had been a couple of days since I placed my order and there it was, sat on the kitchen work surface. Nothing like the smell of a cardboard box with a gem inside. I should put you out of your misery, I realise how nail-biting this all is. I ordered both the classic and modern editions of the 30th Anniversary Mario’s. I was quite surprised at how weighted they both felt, but they look fantastic!30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo

Honestly I kinda feel guilty for my latest Amiibo purchases, I mean they’re virtually identical pieces of plastic which bears no real practical use within most of the Wii U and 3DS catalogue of games. They do look great though and I do love to have them on display. I’ll keep you posted when I decide I can’t help myself again.

The importance of family…

19th of February, 2016

Yet again I pose the question, why? Well Mario could hardly be complete without his brother now could he? Luigi arrived this morning, seems to look pretty cool next to his older brother too. This might be getting out of hand but I’m entertaining myself by seeing how far it will go. Here he is anyway, a nice little post just as I promised.

Luigi AmiiboThe more I buy the more my love for Nintendo is cemented in the form of plastic iconography. My original feelings for these ‘plastic pieces of crap’ have really forced me to re-evaluate my thoughts towards the highly detailed little fellows. My only hope is Nintendo will come to there senses and release a Waluigi amiibo to accompany Luigi. My remaining question is, should I invest in the Super Smash edition of Luigi, or should I just stick with the one? I’m hoping these blogs don’t eventually document me purchasing the entire amiibo catalogue, we’ll see how things are going this time next year.



The lost Amiibo…

22nd of February, 2016

It’s been a couple of days since my last post. I may have some interesting, yet fairly traumatic news. Despite the title of this post, the amiibo in question is now safely at home. I may have got slightly carried away over the weekend, though in my defence, no one stopped me. I realise this is entirely my responsibility, but what the hell. On Saturday morning I received a text message from a friend, sharing images of Mega Yarn Yoshi he had picked up at reasonable price. He has aided in facilitating my desire for amiibo’s via this method for sometime. Anyway, that was it,  I couldn’t resist, I wasn’t strong enough to overcome my temptations. By the afternoon I had already made my purchase.

Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

Monday morning arrived, I didn’t have my car as it was in the garage for repairs. I had to traverse using public transportation. Sitting on the tram I remember looking at my amiibo thinking, ‘I must not forget to bring you with me’. Low and behold my Mega Yarn Yoshi was forgotten, with an entire seat to himself, luckily it was the last stop for the tram, I waited and waited for the tram to return running on to see if he was still there. He was, I was relieved, he now sits at home with the rest of the collection for me to admire.

My current collection (as of February the 23rd, 2016) is as follows;

Wario No.32

Link No.05

Shovel Knight

Mario (Super Mario Series Edition)

Toon Link No.22

Mega Man No.27

Green Yarn Yoshi (Standard Size)

Toad (Super Mario Series Edition)

30th Anniversary Mario – Classic Color

30th Anniversary Mario – Modern Color

Luigi amiibo (Super Mario Collection)

Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo

Author: Graham Taylor

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  1. There is something about these plastic little figures that makes me just want more, at the moment i have 29 and counting. The next stage is to build a stand to proudly show of my collection 🙂

    All Hail The Amiibo

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