About Us

‘The Virtual Hour’ was first imagined in late 2015 by Dale Wright & Graham Taylor. The idea behind it all was to create a medium where two ordinary guys (and their friends) could host reviews, discussions and podcasts that would be filled with complete honesty. In a world filled with sponsored content and reviews, it is almost impossible to find a place where people haven’t sold our their very own views and opinions for a quick dollar dollar.

All this comes secondary to the primary purpose of the site, which is to raise some cash for our favourite charity Special Effect. During EGX 2015, the gaming expo held in Birmingham, we came across this charity as they were showing off their modified controllers which would enable children and young adults with disabilities to play and compete in games with their friends. Immediately we fell in love with the idea of the charity, as with most people we both have spent most of our lives using games as a form of escapism. We strongly believe that no matter who you are, and how able you are, everyone deserves to escape their own reality and become anything they want whilst playing games, whether it be a soldier on the battlefront, a fat plumber in a go-kart or even a turbo charged hedgehog.


TheVirtualHour has already picked up some other like minded people along the way and these band of merry men join us in content creation, gaming related charity events and just being all around swell guys.

If you have any ideas in terms of content you would like us to create or ways you would like to get involved in helping us in our ongoing mission in money acquisition for the charity, then drop us an email at thevirtualhour@gmail.com or leave us a comment below and we will be in touch!


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