Amazon Affiliate

Thinking of buying a gift for a loved one? Maybe its time to replace that faulty toaster you keep meaning to fix? Maybe it is even time to buy that game everyone keeps going on about? Well, there is now a better way to do it.

TheVirtualHour is now an official Amazon Affiliate. By using the Amazon search bar below, you can get all the Amazon products you would want to buy PLUS up to 10% of the sale will go to charity. ┬áThe way this works is simple. Amazon usually gives a cut to people who promote the selling of their products. Bloggers, reviewers and YouTube channels usually provide links to products they are promoting. By clicking these links you are taken to Amazon, just like you would usually, however it indicates to Amazon that it was them that sent you over. After a purchase the referrer is rewarding up to 10% of the sale. This doesn’t cost the buyer anything at all, but using our search you can ensure up to 10% of it goes to a good cause.



To be “the wonderful person” we know you are, simply click on the Amazon button below:




If you are a book lover but just can’t find the time to sit down and read the classics then Audible is for you. By clicking on the link below you entitle yourself to a 30-day free trial. Also, if you signup after clicking on the button below you will be making Amazon give some of their internet moneys to our donations. So, thats a free trial that gives free money to the charity. No brainer, click on the button below:


All revenue generated by this will be added to our regular donations and will be tallied into the total raised for the Special Effect charity.